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Why replacing your car battery with Daewoo Battery is a good Idea?

Why replacing your car battery with Daewoo battery is a good idea?
Your struggle to keep a nice-looking car doesn’t end at its purchase. The real deal occurs when you have to maintain the car, which requires a lot of time and attention.

Among all the important car parts, the car battery is the most important part, yet it is most overlooked. As the weather changes and winters approach, the cold temperature makes the condition of battery worse so much that you might need to replace the battery, and here we have outlined some of the reasons why replacing your car battery with Daewoo Battery can be a smart idea for you.

100% Maintenance-free Battery:
We all know the hassle of periodically checking water level in car battery, when you have a hectic routine this tedious task is forgotten at time which can be deadly for your car battery. Just to counter this Daewoo Battery offers complete range of 100% maintenance free batteries, just get it installed and forget about water top. Now you can easily focus on maintaining everything else since the battery is maintenance free. Since there is no hassle of water checkup or maintenance required in this battery, it doesn’t get affected by low electrolyte issues which can permanently damage the life of battery thus by using Daewoo Battery will offer longer life as compared to other batteries.

Quick Engine Start:
Most critical factor for checking the quality of the battery is its ability to start the engine in cold weather which is measured through CCA (Cold cranking amperage). High CCA will help the car engine start easily during extreme temperatures. Daewoo Batteries have the highest CCA as compared to all other brands currently produced in Pakistan measured with the same AH of battery.

Tired of your car taking time to start every morning or not starting at all? Now forget about this issue since Daewoo Batteries can with stand even the coldest temperatures you can think of.

Ready-to-use Batteries:
Long gone are the days when after buying the battery you had to wait for hours before installing it in the car since it had to be first filled with electrolyte and then charged at the retail outlet, all this required at least 2 hours of waiting time.

Daewoo batteries come pre charged from the factory with best quality electrolyte. Just simply remove the battery from the box, install it and drive away.

Battery Health Indicator:
With battery health indicator located on top of the battery everyone can get check the health of battery easily. If the indicator shows green color it implies the battery is in perfect condition, if it’s white the battery needs charging and in case it shows red light it implies that the battery should be replaced.

Finest Korean Technology:
Daewoo battery is manufactured with state-of-the-art Korean technology, and under the supervision of Korean experts. Daewoo’s 100% Maintenance free battery is reliable and meets international quality standards which can give you higher performance and longer life.

One-Year Replacement Warranty:
To ensure your peace of mind, Daewoo battery comes with a one-year free replacement warranty. Even if it’s the last day of your warranty period, you can get the battery replaced without any depreciation as per the company policy.

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